The Entrepreneur

Cortney is an entrepreneur that is truly for the people. So, much so that he has coined the name “The People’s Entrepreneur”. As a serial entrepreneur, he has developed and launched 5 businesses in just a few years. Those businesses have evolved into one company-E Squared Enterprises.

The Designer

From web design, clothing, architecture, to print media and digital billboards, Cortney has an eye and more importantly a PASSION for design. He’s worked with many clients from all over the US and learned from all of his experiences.

The Publisher

E Squared Magazine is Mississippi’s first and only business magazine. It publishes in print, digital and online. It is THE source for entrepreneur empowerment. In December 2012, it debuted in Northern California with a launch event, organized by LTD Firm. It published its first issue on January 7, 2013 with Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole gracing the cover.

The Host

Cortney launched and hosts The E Squared Radio Show, a business talk show that focuses on helping entrepreneurs succeed in business. Its goal is to promote, encourage and empower. This show seeks to change people’s perspective about business, and challenge entrepreneurs to think outside of the box. Bottom line, The E Squared Radio Show aims to help people improve their quality of life.

“Let’s make it better by going up together.”